A giveaway contest is not considered gambling and will not be required to have a gambling licence if the contest meets all of the following conditions:

* the contest is a draw where the Organizer is bound the participate method to use or purchase the Organizer’s own products and services.
* the customer does not receive a physical lottery ticket to participate in the draw.
* the draw will be held publicly.
* the customer does not pay any extras for participation to the contest in addition to the price of the products or services.
* the prize is a product or service and not a voucher that can be redeemed.

Odds of Winning

Az Eurojackpot (EU) 1:95,344,200
EuroMillions (EU) 1 : 116,531,800
PowerBall (US) 1 : 292,201,338
MegaMillions (US) 1 : 302,575,350
SuperEnaLott (Italy) 1 : 622,614,63019
MegaSena (Brazil) 1 : 50,063,860O.
4-Night Sex Lottery 1 : 500


  • youwinnerbox@gmail.com


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